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Description, features, privacy, requests and reviews.

Description Slimmy

Are you too skinny or overweight? Do you want to track your weight and keeping it constant over time?

Features Slimmy

– calculates the healthy weight as a percentage and the weight in kilograms to lose or gain to achieve it
– share the healthy weight with your friends
– calculation and verification of the Body Mass Index with respective weight category
– calculation of the protein factor
– list of 250 protein foods with respective quantities of protein
– calculation of the basal metabolic rate
– list of 250 calorie foods with their calories
– function searches and filters food
– calculation of minimum weight and maximum weight that falls within the range defined “normal weight”
– saving, viewing and deleting results in the diary of weight

Privacy Slimmy

The app Slimmy doesn’t collect any information about users. All saved data are private and stored only on the device.

Requests Slimmy

For any information please contact me by email or write on my Facebook’s page.

Reviews Slimmy

If you a are a blogger and wants to review the app, please contact me by email or write on my Facebook’s page.

I will be glad to send you the App Pack with high resolution images, logo and some Reedem codes.

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